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The hard hitting impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic, has meant life and the way we do things has changed and will most likely continue to change.

Social distancing and safety measures, even though now are somewhat relaxed, now means generally we are all more cautious and protective over where we go, who we invite into our homes/have physical contact with.

This has caused many people to neglect self care and wellness treatments and has also made it hard for Therapists to find and retain regular work, with Therapists being previously totally unable to work at one point.  As a ripple effect, this had a negative effect on the mental health of many.

Our mission is to bridge that gap!


This means that whilst we provide our at home Mobile Spa services, through our Virtual online service, our clients who would prefer to keep distanced or need to self isolate do not need to miss out! 


Also, therapists who also may need to isolate do not need to stop working altogether but can safely work from home. This also ensures, that should we ever be 'locked down' again, our staff can continue making an income and our clients remain looked after the best way we can, in line with any government safety protocols.

Not only that, by offering a virtual service, our founder and Therapist Nicky, has also just made it easier for mothers who may struggle with childcare or time to reach the spa! Being a mother of 7 children herself, she truly understands the importance of mothers being able to take care of themselves and their overall wellbeing.

Providing you with both a Mobile Wellness Spa and a Virtual Wellness Spa, Means you get the best of both!

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Our Story

Back 2 Nature's Wellness Spa, is a product of business Back 2 Nature Health and Wellness Ltd, which is a small family run London based business, specialising in the formulation and production of Natural Organic Skincare which we are proud to say are carefully handmade. 


All of our products at Back 2 Nature are carefully formulated by our own Qualified and experienced Beauty Therapist and Holistic Aromatherapy Facialist.  Therefore, every ingredient is specifically chosen to fulfil a specific role for your skin and overall wellness, especially with the use of Herbal extracts and Aromatherapy essential oils.

Taking care of your internal health, Back 2 Nature also specialises in the distribution of fresh Organic produce and the retail of Herbal supplements designed to boost the body's immunity and help to fight many diseases by stimulating the body's own natural healing process and detoxification.

We have used our expertise in the Health and Wellness industry to bring to you Back 2 Nature's Wellness Spa.

Be a part of our journey

If you are a Qualified and insured Therapist with a passion for wellness and a more Holistic approach to Beauty and Massage Therapy, we'd love to hear from you! We are looking for experienced professionals to join both our mobile and virtual team on a freelance, flexible basis. Providing mobile treatments and/or hosting online Facial consultations and Pamper sessions. Opportunity to earn commission through product retail. If you're not yet qualified but have a genuine interest for Natural health and beauty, you can join us as a Back 2 Nature Spa Representative. With full training, you will be able host some of our Virtual sessions and earn comission by promoting and selling our products.


If you'd like to book a service or would like to join our mission... Let's connect.

Business WhatsApp:07510 199433

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